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The Charming ‘Chehel Sotun’


The Charming ‘Chehel Sotun’

Chehel Sotun Garden (trans: Forty Columns Garden) is one of the 9 ‘Persian Gardens’ inscribed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Its name was inspired by the twenty slender wooden columns supporting the entrance pavilion, which, when reflected in the waters of the fountain, are said to appear to be forty.
Shah Abbas II (the Safavid Dynasty King) and his successors would receive dignitaries and ambassadors, either on the terrace or in one of the stately reception halls. Whoever enters the pavilion cannot help but be charmed by the tremendously beautiful wall ornaments and paintings. You can see the wall paintings of Shah Abbas receiving the kings of several nations and also the painting of the famous Battle of Chaldiran exhibiting the war between the Safavid and the Ottoman empires.


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