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HowToIRAN The official Sponsor of Mehdi gholipour

Mr.Mehdi Gholipour the national Iranian mountaineer was born in Tabriz-Iran in 1981.He started cross country cycling when when he was young. So became a member of professional Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team to have more exercise with cross country and normal cycling.
According to full fitness and aerobic fitness by heavy cycling , his professional start to rock and ice climbing is from 2001. Also to climbe frequently to difficult and technical mountain such as Damavand, Savalan , Dena , Kasra Peaks all 1,2,3 herams and opening track in Bisotoun Wall which name is Azerbaijan track with the long 1200 meters.
So by these climbing , Mehdi has reached to mental and physical preparedness to be able to mount Himalayas, the range of 8000 meter in.
But before the star on Himalaya he decided to examine himself in Ushba (Ushba Wall 4710 meters) one of the heavy and technical with hardest range in Svaanety-Georgia, and he succeed to open the track with the long 1200 meters. After he succeeded in Ushba Wall , when he gaained all the professional factors to technical mounting , he designed two difficult and different programs in two region :

1) To mount to Pamir mountains , over 7000 meters.

2) To mount to Himalaya mountains, over 8000 meters.

In his way he succeed to mount three peaks of Pamir without oxygen capsule. So in his way, he should climb to other Two peaks from five to gain the “Snow leopard” symbol.

HOWTOIRAN will be The official Sponsor of Mehdi gholipour in his way and you can follow his journey from here.

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