Have a blessed Ramadan; a month of spiritual purification

According to the Islamic calendar, the ninth month of the year is called Ramadan. It is the time of fasting, charity giving and self-responsibility for the muslims all over the Islamic countries . Ramadan is known as the holiest season and time in Islamic year . In this holy month the first verses of Koran (Qu’ran) have been revealed to the Prophet.

Fasting, the main and one of the most important parts of islam , takes place during Ramadan. This month is a time of spiritual reflection and worship, and the fast is intended to bring faithful closer to God.

This year, Ramadan falls during the summer, which means muslims should spend long and hot days of fasting something like 16 hours or more. Ramadan lasts 29 to 30 days and every year moves backward by 10 days.

One of the great parts of this month is its traditions. The meals are usually well-attended. The beautiful iftar ceremonies take part. Some people spend the entire nights praying or reading Islamic texts. Communal meals are held at some mosques or in homes at the evenings of Ramadan.

We , howtoIran , congratulate this month and hope, the Almighty God, brings you happiness and all your wishes come true.

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