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The Holy Jamkaran Mosque

Jamkaran mosque that is located in jamkaran village, at Qom city, is one of the important pilgrim sites for shia Muslims. There are some mysterious stories about this holy mosque, but as everybody knows, it has long been a sacred place at least for a thousand years. According to the official site of Jamkaran, a Muslim named Hasan ibn Mutlih had been saw Imam Mahdi and the prophet Khizr, and they directed him to organize the building of a mosque.

Every year more than thousand pilgrims pray in the mosque. Lots of the visitors are the young people who came to in and innumerable needy persons secure their wishes to the Imam Mahdi. There is also a “well of request” that has been believed once Imam Mahdi became unhidden for a brief shining moment there.

The mosque’s complex is consists of five domes and 2 great minarets. It has three large courtyards that on Thursdays or the birth anniversary of the Imam Mahdi, are full of people.



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