The Holy Shrine Of Shah-e-Cheragh

The great and most important pilgrim center of Shiraz is the mausoleum of Ahmad, son of the Imam Kazim, known as the Shah-e-Cheragh. The name of the place, means “king of the Lights”.

Shah-e-Cheragh has a mysterious and great story behind. A man caught a mysterious light shining in distance. He went to investigate and found a grave that emitted the light. The grave was excavated and an armored corpse of a Muslim figure. Then the site becomes a popular and holy pilgrim site of the shia world, and a beautiful and wonderful structure was created to house of the tomb.

The shrine is located near the center of the Shiraz city and it could be seen all around the city and easy to get to. Visitors of any faiths are allowed to enter the shrine and see the glassy wonders.




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