Arg of Tabriz, Alishah mosque

Arg of Tabriz, Alishah mosque (Masjid AliShāh) as an historical building is placed in central part of Tabriz. Arg of Tabriz (Alishah) is the name of an historical monument in Tabriz which is remnants of a mosque which was built during Tajoldin Alishah in 8 hegirae century.The architectural style of this building is Azari and its architect is FalakiTabrizi .This Arg is one of the highest historical walls of country and can be considered as thethe symbol of Tabriz city.

This historical building was consisted of school, mosque and convent. Materials of this building were mortar and the other durable materials. Tabriz destructive earthquake in 10 century which destroyed this city and all of its historical buildings also destroyed the most part of this building. However a part of high walls of this building remained to become a memory of resistance against this natural disaster, although after earthquake, great crack was appeared in Arg.

This monument which has more than 700 years old, is the legacy of natural and historical damages of past.

In day 15th, 1310, Arg of Tabriz and its ancestral citadel were recorded as No.170 in Iran national heritages’ list.

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