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“KANDOVAN” the ancient rocky village

The ancient village of Kandovan, located in Osku County, is well known for its troglodyte dwellings; cone shaped rock houses carved in the mountain. The houses are still inhabited which makes the village peerless in the world.
The unique village is located in a valley at the beautiful hillsides of Mount Sahand where a river crosses and orchards thrive. There is a mineral water spring at the center of the village and the research shows that the water from the spring is affective against certain kidney stones.
According to renowned archeologists David Roll and Peter Martini, Kandovan dates back to ancient times. They even go so far as to claim it as the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived. Whilst the veracity of such claims has yet to be proven scientifically, the prehistoric roots of this unique location on earth is undeniable.

In addition to old texture of this village, the architectural structure of Kandovan village and liveliness of people’s life, is an exception in the world,because no one lives now in Cappadocia, (Turkey) and Dakota (USA).Kandovan is a village which was built inrocks (Cliffs) and the only structure of this village is stone. Houses are pyramid like buildings and some cavern were built in stones for livestock .In architectural perspective, traditional and ancestral houses of Kandovan are unique in Iran. Some researchers believe that these houses were built in 7Hegira century, during Mongol invasion.

Kandovan is a county in Sahand mountains .Its verdurous pastures attracts many nomads. Spa of Kandovan is another touristic attraction of this 6000 years old village. Water of this spa is useful for the treatment of several renal diseases.

Spa, uniquehouses, verdurousvalleys, pleasant weather, excellent (desirable) diaries and honey is attracted the attention of large numbers of tourists from near a far, especially in favorable seasons.

kandovan rocky village - tabriz - iran kandovan rocky village - tabriz - iran kandovan rocky village - tabriz - iran


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