nowruz - perian new year

Nowruz, the Persian New Year’s Celebration

One of the most important and most colorful celebrations of the new-year’s coming, is Persian Nowroz festival. The Nowroz in farsi means “the new day” and it celebrates the changing of the new season. By astronomical view, it is exactly the first day of spring that has been celebrated over the thousands years between Iranian families. Iranian holiday Nowruz is one of the oldest festivals around the world and each year is associated with the rituals and different customs.

Some special rituals has been held before and after the Nowruz, that emphasizes on rebirth and revival and some dates back to centuries ago. Before the Nowruz Iranian people start cleaning their houses and it is known as the “Khaneh Tekani” in farsi. Almost every carpets, rugs, windows and curtains are washed and every part of the house should be cleaned. Some weeks before the Nowruz has arrive, people start to buy new clothes as a part of renewing. But one of the great and special rituals during these days, is the setting of “Haft Seen”, a symbolic cover in houses with seven items that start with “S word”, symbolically represent renewal. These items are “Sib(apple)” represents health and beauty, “Sabzeh(wheat grass)” for rebirth and renewal, “Sir(garlic)” for medicine and good health, “Samanu(sweet pudding)” for fertility, “Senjed(Persian olive)” for love, “Serkeh(vinegar)” for wisdom and “Sumac(kind of spice)” for remembering the sunrise. Along these S items, a mirror, some coins a bowl with goldfish in it, the Holy Quran and some other stuffs are also set on.

Nowruz - persian-new-year


One of the sweetest rituals among the Nowruz festival, is that people give presents to each other usually older ones to the younger ones. Families spend the first days visiting relatives and friends just to renew their devotions. After all Nowruz is the best time for people to have fun, old and young.

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