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si-o-seh pol

Si-o-Seh pol in Isfahan

Si-o-seh pol in Isfahan, is one of the most beautiful bridges in Iran. It was constructed by the time of Shah Abbas in 1602. The name si-o-seh pol, means “33 Bridges” or “Bridge of 33 Arches”. It is also known as the Allah-Verdi Khan Bridge. Allah-Verdi Khan was a general during the reign of Shah Abbas and was responsible for it’s constrction.

The bridge is located at the “Zayandeh rood” river, Isfahan’s main river that flows under it. The Si-o-Seh pol is the longest bridge in Isfahan, 300 meters long and 14 meters wide. Si-o-Seh pol is at end of the Chahar-Bagh Street and it connects north of the city to the south. The bridge is made of bricks and stones and at first it had 40 arches but this number reduced to 33 during the time. It is superior in terms of  archeological or aesthetic aspects in comparison with the two other bridges farther downstream.


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on Apr 20, 2016

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