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Milad Tower

Milad Tower, with the height of 435 meters is the Iran’s tallest tower and sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. It has opened in 2008 and by the 2012 it was the sixth free-standing tower in the world. Many believes that it resembles the CN tower in Toronto city.

The main building consists of five main parts: foundation, transition, lobby, shaft, head structure and 120 meters antenna. The shaft is 315 meters high and it is a concrete structure with six elevators, three in each sides. Milad weighs about 150,000 tons and with an area of 12,000 square meters, is the largest one among all the towers in terms of area in use.

The ground floor is devoted to the entrance and visitors reception. In the top floors of the tower, there are close observation deck, cafeteria, public art gallery, revolving restaurant, VIP restaurant and sky floor. There are also 83 shops on first floor and on the tops.

The tower serves different functions such as tourism purposes, improvement and expansion of Radio and TV, metrology and traffic controlling.



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on Apr 24, 2016

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