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Royal Palace of Ali Qapu

The Royal Palace of “Ali Qapu” is a grand palace at Nagshe-Jahan square in Isfahan. Ali Qapu means the “High Gate”, “Ali” came from Arabic means high or tall and “Qapu” a Turkish word means door. It was built by decree of Shah Abbas at the seventeenth century. With no doubt it symbolizes the strength of Safavid period and it shows the real beauty of Islamic architecture.

Ali Qapu is 48 meters high and has seven floors, each accessible by spiral staircase. At that time, it was built to make an impression and it certainly does. The highlight of palace is its great terrace which features 18 slender columns. The terrace has an excellent view over the Naqshe-Jahan square and Imam Mosque. Inside of the palace is fully decorated with paintings and mosaics. The attractive wooden ceiling with interesting inlay work these days is undergoing some serious restorations.

The lower floors are not enough interesting because they were used as quarters for guards. At the upper floor, the music room is situated that is definitely worth the climb. During the times, the palace has damaged several times especially at the Qajar Period. It is believed to be one of the finest examples of secular Persian art.


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