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Jame Masjid, Yazd, Iran
© Yamashita / Aurora Photos

The Jame Mosque of Yazd

The Jame Mosque of Yazd is the grand, congregational mosque situated at the center of the town of Yazd. The Mosque was first built under the Al-e-Bouyeh dynasty but was largely rebuilt at between 1324 and 1365. The Yazd mosque is a fine example of Azari style architecture, crowned with two loftly minarets for added effects. The portal is so massive that it nearly collapsed when it was being expanded to its current height in 15th century.

During the 18th and 19th centuries the mosque went under some developments that added to its medieval nucleus. These multiple historical layers are most evident in the courtyard.

Three important aspects distinguish the Friday mosque of Yazd: its construction innovation, its remarkable decoration and its being the earliest mosque upon which later fifteenth century mosque in the Yazd region was modeled.

Another important structural feature of the mosque is the dome of the prayer chamber. It consists of two domes, a dome inside a dome, with the space of half meter separating them at their base.

Every year lots of tourists from all over the world came to visit the Jame mosque of Yazd and it’s known as the gem of desert among them.


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