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Eram Garden

Eram in Shiraz is a historical Persian Garden that contains several monuments and Botanical Gardens. The Garden that is left of Qajar-Dynasty is located at the western north of the Shiraz city. Eram Garden is one of the nine Persian gardens inscribed in UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The Garden is divided into four sectors, with water playing an important role for both irrigation and ornamentation. Eram is conceived to symbolize Eden and the four Zoroasrian elements of sky, earth, water and plants.

Eram Garden has a high plant diversity. There are many types of plants from all around the world that have been planted in the garden and made it like an exhibition of flowers and plants.

The Garden area is over three hectares covered by citrus and cypress trees. On the south side of the Garden, the dried river of Shiraz stretches from east to west. The building in terms of architecture, painting, tiling and plaster from the Qajar era, is an architecture masterpiece. The lower floor rooms that are almost the basement, is a place to relax on hot summer days. Decorations of rooms are colorful ceramics. The upper floor has two columns that were inspired Persepolis.

The most interesting part of the garden is a street in the middle of garden from east to west that has been planted by trees on both sides and have special beauty. Among all pine trees, there is a tall cypress tree that draws attention and called Sarvnaz. The Garden was built at Nasir-al Din Shah period, by the Nasir-ol Molk. In this case, a few stone inscriptions in different parts of garden remains.

One of the very interesting parts of the building is the hardware windows that are located at foots of large veranda on the first floor. The majority of the wooden doors were made of teak wood doors and therefore remained intact over years.

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