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Fin Garden

Fin Garden, is a historical Persian garden, and a piece of heaven in the middle of desert. The Fin Garden is located at the south of the Kashan and near the village of Fin and is well-known because of the Fin bath that is located in. The bathroom is where Naser-al Din Shah assassinated his chancellor Amir Kabir in 1852. History and monuments of this Garden dates back to Safavid period. The garden area is over 23thousand square meters and consists of central courtyard that has been enclosed with walls, battlement and towers.

Water and tree elements that are dynamic elements in the architecture of this building, are living in the best possible way. Fin garden is one of the most important examples of Persian gardens that are still alive and well. It also introduces how to create a cultural perspective. In the design of the Fin Garden, water was the key element. Each of the various forms of water in the Garden, evokes a certain sense. Water flows in rivers with turquoise tiles, in an environment where water really scarce and trees with broad shade is in great contrast with the desert behind the walls.

The covered construction housing the Shah Abbasi being in the center of the garden and opposite the grand façade. There are beautiful paintings and an masterpiece works in the construction that are worth to visit.

UNESCO declared the Fin Garden a world heritage site in 2012. Every year Iranians celebrates anniversary of the garden and some ceremonies are held in the historical city of Kashan.




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