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Pasta House Italian Restaurant

Pasta house is a good Italian restaurant with quiet environment .It makes good times for you by its tempting and delicious foods. Among the foods of this restaurant, PastaJasmin is an special order and delicious food which has a unique receipt.Meanwhile don’t worry about...

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Nayeb Restaurant

Nayeb Restaurant is one of the first high quality restaurants of Tehran with its famous Kebabs. It started its work from Bazaar of Tehran and now has several branches across Tehran and another provinces,One of the branches of this Restaurant is located in Valiasr...

mayor building tabriz Iran

Tabriz City Hall

Tabriz City Hall is one of the most beautiful and attractive buildings of Tabriz which was built by the command of Reza Shah , from 1314 to 1318 in abandoned cemetery of KuyeNobar and by German Engineers supervision. This building is located in the...

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Tabriz , the center of Eastern Azerbaijan Province with the area of about 1200m^2, is the third greatest city of Iran after Tehran and Mash’had . Its population is more than 1597312 people which is the fourth most populated city of Iran . Tabriz...

Kandovan 2

“KANDOVAN” the ancient rocky village

The ancient village of Kandovan, located in Osku County, is well known for its troglodyte dwellings; cone shaped rock houses carved in the mountain. The houses are still inhabited which makes the village peerless in the world. The unique village is located in a...

Arg alishah-Tabriz-Iran

Arg of Tabriz, Alishah mosque

Arg of Tabriz, Alishah mosque (Masjid AliShāh) as an historical building is placed in central part of Tabriz. Arg of Tabriz (Alishah) is the name of an historical monument in Tabriz which is remnants of a mosque which was built during Tajoldin Alishah in...

FI.tabriz museum01

Azerbaijan museum of Tabriz

Azerbaijan museum is one of the museums in Iran which is located in Tabriz city, near to Masjed-e Kabūd(Blue mosque).In Azerbaijan museum which after Tehran national museum, is considered as the second historical museum of Iran , works belonging to the pre-Islamic and Islamic...


Ashura and Muharram in Iran

As an Islamic country, Muharram is considered one of the most sacred months in Iran and also among the other Muslims worldwide. Many different religious ceremonies are held during this month, especially during the first ten days of this month. Without any doubt the...


Iran’s Dariush Grand Hotel wins 2015 World Travel Award

Dariush Grand Hotel won the 2015 World Travel Award for Iran’s Leading Hotel in the 22nd World Travel Awards, voted by travel agents worldwide, Mehr News reported. Iran had suggested Dariush Grand Hotel, Abassi Hotel, Laleh Hotel, Parsian Tehran Azadi Grand Hotel, and Tehran...


Hafez (shamus-ud-Din Muhammad)

Hafez (shamus-ud-Din Muhammad) Iranian lyric poet and one of the well- known poets of all time was born between the years 1310-1325 A.D in Shiraz. Very little details about his life are available mostly about his early life. His pen name “Hafez” literally means...

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Tabriz registered as ‘World Carpet City’

The ancient city of Tabriz in northwestern province of East Azerbaijan was officially accredited with the title ‘World Carpet City’ by the World Crafts Council (WCC). During a ceremony held in Tabriz on Tuesday, President of WCC-Asia Pacific Region Ghada Hijjawi-Qaddumi officially registered the Iranian city as a ‘Global...


Isfahan officially registered as ‘World Crafts City’

During a ceremony held at Isfahan’s Abbasi hotel on Saturday, the ancient city of Isfahan was officially accredited with the title ‘World Crafts City’ by the World Crafts Council (WCC). The ceremony attended by Iran’s Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization Massoud...