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black tents
black tents

Black tents

Black tents are home to the “Qashqai” tribe. These nomads are well known for their hospitality & generosity and colorful lifestyle. They are horsemen, herders, carpet weavers with a unique way of living. The package offers you a timeless atmosphere of “Black Tents” along with major sites of Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz that is for sure valuable to experience.

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Package Description

Day 1 - Arrival in Tehran
Day 2 - Tehran to shiraz
Day 3 - Shiraz
Day 4 - Shiraz
Day 5 - Shiraz to Isfahan
Day 6 - Isfahan
Day 7 - Isfahan
Day 8 - Isfahan
Included Services

1. Visa
2. Domestic flights & transportation
3. All entrance fees
4. Accommodation type on request
5. Experienced English speaking guide
6. Refreshment
7. Insurance
8. On-board Internet


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