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Pilgrimage Tour

Iran is home to sacred places and magnificent shrines well known and respected by the Muslims all around the globe. Every year visitors from all over the world come to pay tribute to the venerable holy saints of Islam buried in the peerless shrines. “Mashhad” and “Qom” are the cities that will provide you with mystic and peaceful atmosphere of the pilgrimage destinations of Iran.

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Package Description

Day 1 - Arrival
Day2 - Tabriz
Day 3 - Tabriz to Mshahad
Day 4 - Mashhad
Day 5 - Mashhad
Day 6 - Mashhad to Tehran
Day 7 - Tehran to Qom
Day 8 - Departure Day
Included Services

1. Visa
2. Domestic flights & transportation
3. All entrance fees
4. Accommodation type on request
5. Experienced English speaking guide
6. Refreshment
7. Insurance
8. On-board Internet


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