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There is a certain mystique to Iran that beckons people from all over the world to its wonderful pilgrim sites. The country has long been a pilgrim destination and one of the most popular ones. A journey of love and moral intense would be a nice experience for those who are interested.

The number of sites is so numerous that many people never heard of some. Also, annually, some festivals were held in the honor of these sacred places.

Here we chart some of the more important Christian and Islamic sites that are tourism destinations.



The Holy Shrine Of Shah-e-Cheragh

The great and most important pilgrim center of Shiraz is the mausoleum of Ahmad, son of the Imam Kazim,...

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Fatima Masumeh Shrine

The Hazrat-e-Masumeh shrine, the spiritual center of the Qom, is the second sacred place in Iran. This shrine is...

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The Holy Jamkaran Mosque

Jamkaran mosque that is located in jamkaran village, at Qom city, is one of the important pilgrim sites for shia...

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The Holy Shrine of Imam Reza

The holy shrine of Imam Reza, is one of the fabulous and beautiful religious monuments in the world, situated...

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Saint Sarkis Cathedral

Saint Sarkis Cathedral, the Armenian Monastery, is located in Tehran. The church is well known because it is the...

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Saint Mary Church

The church of St.Mary, or commonly known as Nane Maryam, in west Azerbaijan province, Urmia city, is considered by...

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Saint Thaddeus

St.Thaddeus church, commonly known as Qara Kelisa (the Black Church) is one of the oldest Christian monuments that is...

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Saint Stepanos Monastery

One of the UNESCO sites of Iran that is incredibly fantastic, is the Armenian church named saint Stepanos. This...

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