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Fin Garden

Fin Garden, is a historical Persian garden, and a piece of heaven in the middle of desert. The Fin Garden is located at the south of the Kashan and near the village of Fin and is well-known because of the Fin bath that is located in. The bathroom is where Naser-al Din Shah assassinated his […]


Eram Garden

Eram in Shiraz is a historical Persian Garden that contains several monuments and Botanical Gardens. The Garden that is left of Qajar-Dynasty is located at the western north of the Shiraz city. Eram Garden is one of the nine Persian gardens inscribed in UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The Garden is divided into four sectors, with […]


Royal Palace of Ali Qapu

The Royal Palace of “Ali Qapu” is a grand palace at Nagshe-Jahan square in Isfahan. Ali Qapu means the “High Gate”, “Ali” came from Arabic means high or tall and “Qapu” a Turkish word means door. It was built by decree of Shah Abbas at the seventeenth century. With no doubt it symbolizes the strength […]


Milad Tower

Milad Tower, with the height of 435 meters is the Iran’s tallest tower and sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. It has opened in 2008 and by the 2012 it was the sixth free-standing tower in the world. Many believes that it resembles the CN tower in Toronto city. The main building consists of […]

nowruz - perian new year

Nowruz, the Persian New Year’s Celebration

One of the most important and most colorful celebrations of the new-year’s coming, is Persian Nowroz festival. The Nowroz in farsi means “the new day” and it celebrates the changing of the new season. By astronomical view, it is exactly the first day of spring that has been celebrated over the thousands years between Iranian […]

Azadi Tower Tehran Iran


Tehran is the largest city and capital of Iran and is the twenty fifth most populated city in the world. From north it meets highlands and from south it meets desert areas, so it has different climate in each side (that is to say south and north). In north there is cold and dry weather […]